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Naver (네이버 in Korean) is a South Korean online platform operated by Naver Corporation.

Naver is not just a search engine - Naver Blog was launched in October 2003 and has become a very important part of the search engine. As one of the pioneer services, Naver Blog succeeded in becoming one of the most successful digital platforms in Korea to share and access information about almost everything. Many companies, B2C and C2C, use Naver Blog.

So if you want to have your presence in Korea, you need to set up a Naver blog. Koreas will typically search for your service on Naver if they want to know about you.

Get more of your content shared and grow faster with the Naver Share Button installed on your website. The Naver Share Button is the easiest way to remind and encourage your visitors to save and share your content. Add the Naver button to your site in just a few clicks, and start tapping into new audiences.

Give the button a try!

Give the button a try!

Share API Service ID: 1028 Service code: naver

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You can also use custom icons (or text) and have them powered by Shareaholic. Any HTML element on a page can be a Share Button with 1 line of code!

<a href data-app="share_buttons" data-app-config='{"service":"naver"}'>Share</a>
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