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Shareaholic Content Analytics tools are specially designed for content marketers and publishers. Shareaholic automatically harmonizes with the structure and taxonomy of your website to organize analytics by authors, sections, publish dates, and tags. Get a clear view of your content performance to supercharge your strategy and increase the traffic on your site.

Shareaholic Content Analytics Report

Why Shareaholic Analytics?

  • No coding needed; integrates seamlessly with your site's Google Analytics profile
  • Shareaholic Content Analytics automatically maps to the taxonomy and structure of your website
  • Content Analytics provides actionable insights designed specifically to help you with content optimization
  • Analyze your data by post, author, category, product, date, and tags
Strengthen your content strategy with the most relevant data at your fingertips
  • Understand which posts are driving the most engagement and traffic
  • Measure author performance and focus on authors who drive the best results
  • Monitor your site traffic for Fraud and Bots to ensure your site is safe and your users are monetizable
  • Discover how visitors find each story, product, author, and section, so you can build distribution strategies that work
  • Identify emerging themes or top performing topics to drive readership and conversion
  • Improve your site structure by using tags and categories more effectively to track readership

Shareaholic is proud to be a Google Analytics Technology Partner


Shareaholic works with every major ecommerce and website platform. So you can plug it into your business no matter what you're using in a matter of seconds.

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