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Advertising Choices

Shareaholic is an advertising-supported service, which means that we are able to offer many of our services without charge to you by displaying or supporting advertising on our service and on partner websites.

We try to serve you advertising that we think is most likely to be relevant to you. We believe that delivering relevant advertising enhances your Internet experience. We collect non-personally identifiable information from many of the websites on which Shareaholic is enabled, and use that information to deliver targeted advertising on those websites as well as other websites you may visit.

Opt out of receiving customized advertising: To opt out of receiving more relevant ads from Shareaholic, please opt out below:

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To opt-out of most third party tracking, click here. In the UK, click here.

Shareaholic implements your choice to opt-out by placing a cookie on your browser indicating your choice. It applies to the computer and browser that you used when you established the opt-out choice. If you buy a new computer, change web browsers or clear your browser cookies, your opt-out cookie may also be cleared and you should re-establish your opt-out choice.

If you opt out of receiving customized advertising from Shareaholic, Shareaholic may still place cookies on your browser for the purpose of delivering the rest of our services, such as to automatically log you into Shareaholic if you have requested that service or to deliver advertising that is not customized.

Shareaholic is committed to DNT

We are committed to providing you with meaningful choices about the information we collect to improve your Shareaholic and web experience. We also support Do Not Track (DNT) as one of the ways you can indicate your preference.