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It can be really hard to try to manage your own money without the help of someone who knows finance. You might have a financial advisor or a friend to call on once tax season rolls around. We’ve gone through our blogs and found the top 10 financial blogs that will not only give you general financial and saving advice, but also give you special deals to save money while you’re shopping. Let’s take a look:

Financial Advice

If you’re looking to learn general themes about saving and making money, these are the blogs for you:

Money Maker Toolbox is a blog dedicated to helping people make money from internet marketing. Learn how to monetize your own blog with affiliate marketing or develop a strategy for one of your clients. It’s definitely a wonderful resource to help with your internet marketing business.

Mr. Money Mustache talks about how to live your life frugally with no-nonsense advice. He is honest with his readers on what to cut from their spending habits without coming off as preachy. He even has reader case studies where readers write in and ask him for help. He will post their story with suggestions on how they should improve. He is definitely an awesome resource for those looking to get down to the necessities in life.

How to Nest For Less has awesome posts about home improvement or DIY projects for less. If you’re looking to decorate or fix up your home while not spending a fortune, Erin is a tremendous resource for you. She is incredibly handy and gives honest and straightforward advice to help you fix up your house!

Single and Saving provides some general tips for being thrifty on her blog. She’s super sassy, smart and funny, so you’ll love hearing about her life as a single gal while saving money. Even if you have a significant other, her tips are awesome.

Thriftability teaches you how to live both a thrifty and green lifestyle, two things that don’t always go hand in hand. She deals with the not-often answered questions like saving money through coupons vs. buying in bulk. Definitely check her out!

Special Deals

Once you’ve learned how to save money on a generally, here are five blogs that teach you how to save in practice:

True Couponing this couponing blog shares ways to save at grocery and drug stores. The blog also teaches you the basics of couponing, so if you’re new to it, you should definitely start here.

Kroger Krazy gives saving tips with coupons only for Kroger. Check out Katarina’s blog for couponing tips, videos and some freebies. Even if you don’t shop at that store, you should check out her blog for general advice.

The Coupon Addiction has great savings at CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. If you’re into technology, Jenny even recommends apps to help you save like Shopkick.

Saving for Someday was founded on the principle that you don’t always have to be saving for something specific—you can just be saving all the time. Sara gives great couponing advice and deals.

Deal Seeking Mom is one of the top couponing blogs in the world. Tara offers more than just coupons—she gives advice on saving and making money too. Definitely take a second to check out her blog. She’ll probably save you money in the 30 seconds it takes to scroll through her homepage!

What are some of your favorite financial blogs? Comment below with a link and reason why the blog rocks.

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