IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’ve released Shareaholic for WordPress version 7.5. It’s better, faster and smarter than ever.

You guys all know about our WordPress Plugin. Well, we’ve re-written our apps from scratch to get us ready for some really awesome features you’ve all been asking for.

Now, this update will look quite different from what you’re used to, especially if you have been using the WordPress Plugin for a while. The interface has way less going on than before.

The Settings Page was clearly not made for the Liz Lemons of the world.

So, are there less features?

Nope! We just did a ton of house cleaning. In fact, it’s got all sorts of things you couldn’t do before, like, custom counters, sizes, and mobile themes. Oh, and we cut the file size of our buttons so they will load much faster too! Oh, they are also Retina ready, so they also look awesome on your mobile devices. AND Vertical…… Share…… Buttons! :)

The old admin screen is gone too. I won’t beat around the bush, that old admin screen gave me a headache. So, the new settings screen is different and much much simpler to navigate.


When you click “edit”, you’ll get:



I Want in!

If you already have Shareaholic for WordPress installed, just wait for the update notice in your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, you can get Shareaholic for WordPress here.

Just as a reminder, in case you you have any problems with installation, or have more questions, visit our helpdesk and we’ll get back to you lickedy-split.

REMINDER: In case you missed it, we’ve updated our plugin to version 7.5. Read all about it here.

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