Shareaholic for WordPress

Special Thanks & Credits

Shareaholic for WordPress would not be half of what it is today if it were not for people like you who take the time to help it grow! Whether it be by submitting bug reports, translations, or maybe even a little development help.

Listed below are credits and thanks to some of you who have helped us out a great deal:

Translations [How-To]

  1. Maitre Mo for translating to French
  2. Yuri Gribov for translating to Russian
  3. Ghenciu Ciprian for translating to Romanian
  4. Carlo Veltri for translating to Italian
  5. Damjan Gerli for updating the Italian translation
  6. Joojen for translating to Chinese
  7. Javier Pimienta for translating to Spanish
  8. Giovanni Zuccaro for updating the Italian translation
  9. Omer Taylan Tugut for translating to Turkish
  10. Gunther Wegner for translating to German
  11. Mads Floe for translating to Danish
  12. Svend Olaf Olsen for translating to Norwegian
  13. Martin van der Grond for translating to Dutch
  14. Modar Soos for translation to Arabic
  15. Magnus Thörnblad for translating to Swedish
  16. Kerem Erkan for updating the Turkish translation
  17. Nick Mouratidis for translating to Greek
  18. Manuel Inácio for translation to Portugese
  19. Barukar for translation to Portuguese (Brazil)
  20. Alexander Ovsov for translation to Belarusian
  21. Bartosz Chojnacki for translation to Polish
  22. Joan Jordi Berdullas Segura for translation to Catalan
  23. Nikolay Nikolov for translation to Bulgarian
  24. Nata Strazda for translation to Lithuanian

Additional Thanks

  1. Josh Jones for previous development help
  2. Gautam Gupta for previous development help
  3. Norman Yung for previous development help
  4. Saidmade Labs for the original plugin core
  5. Liam McKay for the original "Function Icon Set"
  6. Kieran Smith for additional development help.
  7. Yuri Gribov for origianl i18n help.
  8. Crey Design for the new background image.
  9. Sascha Carlin for the patch to make the plugin work with single instance of menu
  10. Artem Russakovskii for help with restricting location of scripts and styles
  11. Konstantin Kovshenin for help with the bug
  12. Alison Barrett for the idea of making a fugue icon sprite
  13. Kerem Erkan for the Dynamic Sprite Generator

Would you like to contribute? Please do shoot us an email! If you have contributed code and are missing from the list above, also do let us know. We'll add you right away.