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Build & Track Your Audience with Every Click

Imagine being able to capture, analyze, and re-target any person on any ad platform that clicks on any of your links on any marketing channel. Your dream can finally be turned into a reality.

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Do More with Your Links — How it works

1. Shorten

Shorten your link with the URL shortener of your choice.

2. Share

Share your shortened links across your marketing channels, or anywhere.

3. Capture

Capture every person that engages with the shared links.

4. Activate

Analyze and target your engaged audience on your chosen ad platform.

Bridge Your Audience Data Silos

Share Smart Short Links

across all your marketing channels









Press Releases


Blog posts

Text Messages

Includes Integrations with All Major Ad Platforms — Re-target Anywhere

Why You Need Shareaholic Smart Links for Retargeting

  • Shareaholic Smart Links technology allows you to pixel (i.e. track and target) anyone who clicks your links anywhere on the web so you can retarget users with the most relevant ads and content in the future.
  • Retargeting Ads have a 10x higher click through and are 70% more likely to convert. Increase your ad campaign CTR and decrease your CPA.
  • URLs are automatically customized so that no extra work is needed to begin building your custom audience.
  • Shareaholic Smart Links turns every article on Medium, every influencer campaign, every share and every link into an opportunity to understand and re-engage your audience later. Let that sink in.

Native Integrations with All Major Ad Platforms

Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora

Google AdWords, Facebook Ad Manager, Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Roku Ads, Quora Ads

A secure, scalable and high-performance platform

  • Multi-Functional. Shareaholic Smart Links enable you to capture and retarget your audience from all of your social media accounts, email campaigns, influencer campaigns and more — all with a single tool.
  • Customizable. Our native integrations with both popular Link Shorteners and Ad Platforms means that your audience data will be actionable in every tool you use, from Google AdWords to Pinterest. We support all major URL shorteners, including Bitly and You can even set up a custom branded domain with us.
  • Performance. We invest heavily in our infrastructure. Some of the biggest brands in the world use Shareaholic and you can too. Shareaholic already powers hundreds of millions of short links, with hundreds of thousands added each day.
  • Easy To Use. Start in 30 seconds, no coding required. Our simple interface makes it easy to get started without complex integrations or custom code. There is an API available for advanced users.

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