For those of you that use Shareaholic’s Monetization Apps to monetize your site or blog, you would have likely noticed that the “Pending Verification” number in your dashboard have not been reconciled and verified for quite a few months.

We know this is a big issue, have been working hard on resolving it and wanted to provide an update to you.

For those wondering, what are “Pending Verification” Earnings?

This is the estimated amount that has not yet been reconciled or verified as valid by Shareaholic. It is important to note that this is an estimate and is subject to change during reconciliation and verification.

The cause of the delay was a large advertiser that chose to first hold onto and then delay releasing funds. We had two choices, either deduct the amount from the Pending Verification total as “invalid” or work with the advertiser to recover the funds. We chose the later, but in hindsight, as this held up the reconciliation and verification process and given how long it has taken, the former may have been a better option…

This has been a great and painful lesson for us. To avoid this (ridiculous) situation in the future, we have tightened our advertiser requirements, including extending smaller credit limits to newer advertisers (however large and well known they may be) and requiring prospective advertisers to meet a much higher bar to be accepted into the program.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Pending Verification: Our small team of five is doing everything that we can to reconcile and verify Pending Verification amounts ASAP. We never thought it would take this long to resolve. Again, so sorry for the huge delay. We know how important this is to you. We expect Pending Earnings up to 31 October 2018 30 November 2018 to be reconciled by 12 December 2018 20 December 2018 (UPDATE: done!) and then on a regular monthly cadence as we used to. We really appreciate your patience. We’re almost there.
  2. Verified Earnings: If you want to redeem the verified earnings for your site profile, you can do so immediately. Head over to the “Payments” section of your Shareaholic Site Profile and submit your redemption request. All requests must be submitted via the UI for security and compliance.

    At the time of posting, we have 7 pending redemption requests in our queue to be processed, most of these have been submitted in the past 30 days. If you requested a “redemption” via the online form but believe it is “lost in the system”, please email the following dedicated email address and we’ll look into it for you immediately. — payments at

    Note: You can redeem verified earnings as long as you have a Shareaholic Site Profile with valid payee information. You do not need to have Monetization Apps enabled. If you deleted your Site Profile or your account for any reason and would like it to be reinstated (temporarily or otherwise), please let us know. We will do our best to reinstate/fix that for you.

We will continue to post updates here. Again, we really appreciate your patience and support, and we look forward to having the “Pending Verification” issue resolved very shortly.


12-Dec 2018: A large batch of $ redemption requests were remitted today — check your inboxes! We have processed all pending redemption requests and don’t have any requests pending. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for you to get your notification. And, we’re working on Verified Earnings. We should have another update shortly.

18-Dec 2018: We have confirmed that everyone in the last batch of payments have received them. We are running behind on Verifying Earnings, but should have them done this week.

20-Dec 2018: DONE! Earnings Verification right until 30-November is complete. We were able to clear them all. December will be “Verified” by mid-January once all advertisers have reported.

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