We’re constantly listening to our publishers to learn more about what they’re looking for in Shareaholic Analytics, and we love taking steps to work that feedback into the product. In May, we made Shareaholic Analytics more actionable by offering more reports. Next up, we put Shareaholic Analytics on a summer diet and narrowed down the dashboard to the most useful metrics. Now, we’re hyped up on pumpkin flavored everything and back at work again this fall, and we’re excited to let you know about a few more improvements.

If you’re a Shareaholic publisher, when you login to your Shareaholic Analytics today you’ll notice we’re now requesting that you register for Shareaholic.com and register your site with us to access your analytics. Here is why you’ll love this update, and how to upgrade your analytics to make sure you can enjoy it:

What You’re Going to Love About This Update

Private Access to Your Shareaholic Analytics

Our publishers have spoken, and we listened. When you look at your Shareaholic Analytics dashboard today we are inviting you to join Shareaholic.com for free and register your site with us. When you do this, you’ll get exclusive private access to your Shareaholic Analytics dashboard. But not to worry, you’ll still get the competitive analysis advantages of public analytics previews for all publisher sites.

Better Content Tips and Product Recommendations

Having registered publishers helps us get to know each other a little better. We’ll have your email, website, and a better sense of the type of content you produce. This enables us to give you better product recommendations and content tips, so we can help you do what you do – better.

How to Get the Latest Shareaholic Analytics Update

Note: If you already have a Shareaholic.com account with us, you can skip the first 2 steps and just follow this link to register your site and get the Shareaholic Analytics update.

1. Visit your Shareaholic Analytics dashboard – Go to your Shareaholic Analytics dashboard by typing your URL into the box on this page. Click the button in the right hand corner that says “Get a free account.”

2. Create a Shareaholic.com Account  – With one click, create a Shareaholic.com account – You can sign in with Twitter or Facebook. Once you’re signed in, click the little rectangles in the top right hand corner of the screen and go to the site registration page.

3. Register your site – Simply type in your URL and follow the instructions on this page, and your site will be registered with Shareaholic.com!

So no more waiting around. Check out the Shareaholic Analytics update.

Finally, if any Shareaholic publishers have any questions, reach out and let me know! I’m happy to personally answer any of your notes – jaronica@shareaholic.com.

PS: For all the new friends who stumble upon this post, if you haven’t tried Shareaholic Analytics yet, check out a sample report and get Shareaholic Analytics for your site!

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