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Welcome to Shareaholic’s monthly browser share report. Each month we take a look at where websites are getting the most traffic and try to give some takeaways for fellow bloggers. Our internet metrics are based on our global publisher network of more than 200,000 websites who reach more than 250 million people each month. From this significant data set, we’ve previously identified trends such as Pinterest outpacing Twitter, Stumbleupon and Bing for referral traffic and Chrome becoming the top browser.

Here are our findings this month:

No surprise here—Chrome continues to outpace both Internet Explorer and Firefox as the top browser. While that’s not exactly news, we are interested to see the tight race between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Their share of traffic is almost the same: 23.41% for Internet Explorer and 22.65% for Firefox. They’ve been neck in neck for a while—just see our charts below for more details. We’ll check in next month to see who might win.


Another trend we are keeping our eyes on is with Safari. While it definitely has nowhere near the traffic that Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox have, it’s been steadily growing since January. It’s possible that more Apple products are being bought, thus bringing in more Safari users, but this growth could also be organic. Either way, we are interested to see how Safari’s numbers improve or decline as Firefox and Internet Explorer duke it out.

What does this mean for you? As a publisher, it’s important to understand which browsers send you the most traffic, as you must be able to optimize your site to fit their specifications. Those on different browsers may also have different content consumption habits, so the growth of one browser over another may affect the success of your content.

What stats have you seen regarding your blog’s traffic? Let us know in the comments.

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