It’s hardly the first time we’ve mentioned Pinterest around here. We’ve been in a unique position to watch traffic from Pinterest skyrocket beyond Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Referrals and Yahoo organic search traffic.

So clearly we’ve pondered how we would use Pinterest for ourselves. Obviously a visually-driven website like Pinterest lends itself to boosting visual brands. Naturally, fashion, food, fitness, crafts and home and garden brands thrive here because their content revolves heavily on images. So how does a company that makes social sharingrelated content and analytics tools fit in a social network of images? We can’t just pin a bunch of screenshots of social sharing buttons…how awkward would that be?

First we looked around to see what other people were doing. For companies who aren’t inherently visual (especially those who don’t offer physical products) we have seen they use infographics, charts of industry-relevant data and photos of their team to be visual on Pinterest. We tested some of that content in the beginning, but over time we realized we had a bigger opportunity on the platform. Nothing else so elegantly showed of the uniqueness of our community the way Pinterest does–why not leverage it?

So now our goal is to lean on the fact that a huge portion of our community–lifestyle publishers–is already on Pinterest. The real opportunity for us is about promoting them and connecting with them. We’re proud to have 200,000 amazing publishers on our roster and it’s high time we showed them how much we love the content they create. What other blog plugin does that? And for you marketers out there who want that value in business terms, when it comes to increasing the word-of-mouth of your offering–community counts.

So here are some of the boards we have created featuring a few of our top publishers:

Delicious Eats from Shareaholic Food Bloggers

Susan from Doughmesstic has an awesome recipe for hot chocolate popovers I’m dying to try.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Paula from Bell’Alimento created a gorgeous and delicious-looking strawberry bruschetta. It’d be perfect for a party or even a mid-afternoon snack!

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Deborah from Taste and Tell has a super-healthy pina colada salad that Janet Aronica, our Head of Marketing, would love.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Check out the other yummy foods in our board.

Exercise Tips from Shareaholic Fitness Bloggers

Heather from Running with Sass has six things that you should do after you run a 5K.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

If you only have an hour, here’s a great workout from Chef Katelyn that will do the trick. Good luck walking the next day…

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Reneé from Bendiful has a great routine for all you elliptical-lovers out there!

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

If you’re feeling ready to break a sweat, check out some other fitness tips on our board.

Happy Halloween!

Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers takes a seasonal twist on one of my favorite childhood treats–definitely going to try out this recipe.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Andrea, the founder of Savvy Sassy Moms, has some great ideas for Halloween parties on a budget.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Cheryl from Tidy Mom has Halloween DIY tips that almost anyone can do.

Source: via Shareaholic on Pinterest

Get ready for your Halloween festivities by checking out our board.

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see what your fellow Shareaholic Publishers are creating–you never know, we may just feature you in one of our boards!

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