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So I’m very happy with the rate at which the plugin is growing and evolving, aren’t you? I’d say you are, otherwise there wouldn’t be a whopping 11,000+ of you who have downloaded and installed the plugin thusfar!

Part of keeping that number alive and growing is by support for problems as well as SHINY NEW FEATURES! I mean c’mon, even adults like shiny new toys to play with every now and then, right? Good… So here’s a list of what’s on the “to do list” for upcoming version releases:

  1. Add Twittley to the list of available sites

    Already available in the development version

  2. Add integrated functionality and support

  3. Add to the list of available URL shortening services

  4. Ability to choose from different plugin skins/themes to better match individual WP themes

    This is one of the big ones… Many people love the fact that the plugin offers more than just a few 16x16px icons for people to click on, but they don’t like the fact that the plugin doesn’t work so well with some themes (especially dark backgrounds). So, we’re working on incorporating different “themes” to choose from which will use different sets of icons and possibly even different types of “hover” animation functionality.

  5. Localization of the plugin

    This is another big one. Many people have been asking since v1.0 about when the plugin would be offering translations… I had originally planned to offer a text file that could be translated that I would then include in the plugin, but quickly realized that this would be more of a hassle than anything.

    I am currently working on implementing the standard I18n method into the plugin. Once it’s ready, any of you who offered to translate (or already did translate) the text file I had offered a while ago can feel free to offer up your translations to get the ball rolling.

  6. Only load Javascript and CSS on the plugin admin page rather than entire dashboard

    Seeing as how this is/was my first attempt at WordPress plugins, I’m not ashamed to say that I had no clue I was doing anything wrong in regards to loading the scripts and styles into the entire dashboard… That is, until I read a post from the great Ozh that explained how and why it was bad to do this…

    Thanks to Artem Russakovskii of BeerPlanet, the plugin will no longer load styles and scripts in the entire dashboard… Instead, they will be restricted to only loading on the page they were intended for. Thanks Artem!
    Already fixed in the development version

  7. Add Wykop to the list of available sites

  8. Add Sfora to the list of available sites

  9. Add a “Top Contributors” section to the dashboard

    Already done in development version

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