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Ok, no time for blabbering away with this one… Waaaay too much to list in terms of upgrades and bug fixes. Sit down, buckle up, and hold on… It’s definitely a mouthful.

Bugs fixed in v2.5.5

  1. Added what should be the FINAL jQuery compatibility fix

    This fix requires you to check to see if any of the jQuery dependent options are working for you, and if not, simply check a box that will then load jQuery the way we were previously. I found that the biggest issue with the plugin vs. theme was that themes normally load their own version of jQuery whereas the plugin was loading whatever version was included with the WordPress release you were using.

    Now the plugin doesn’t load ANY jQuery in your site UNLESS you check the box for the jQuery compatibility fix. This way, it will simply work off whichever version of jQuery your theme has loaded. Then for those of you who are living in 1998, and your themes don’t load jQuery, you can tick the box and we’ll load our version to compensate.

  2. Fixed a couple small dashboard bugs (most jQuery related)

  3. Fixed validity problem with previous release

  4. Fixed issue with the Twitter link breaking if your title included quotes

Features added in v2.5.5

  1. SexyBookmarks now only loads it’s CSS/JS if the menu is being displayed on a particular page/post

  2. Short URLs are now only generated once a post is published

  3. Added Italian translation

  4. Added Sphinn

  5. Added Fleck

  6. Added Xerpi

  7. Added Netvibes

  8. Added Netvouz

  9. Added NUjij

  10. Added GlobalGrind

  11. Added Wikio

  12. Added Blogosphere News

  13. Added Posterous

  14. Added Techmeme

    You can now tip TechMeme by using the plugin to send them a tip via Twitter

  15. Added eKudos

  16. Added

  17. Added ToMuse

  18. Reinstated email link with simple mailto

    You asked for it, so you got it… Now, I don’t want to hear you people complaining when the message winds up getting garbled because that’s the reason I had disabled it until further notice to begin with…

  19. Updated readme with new info

  20. Updated default translation files

  21. Added new screenshots

Holy smokes that’s a lot of stuff! I hope you were able to read through it all without falling asleep… Now, I’m taking a sabbatical… Adios!

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