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Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare my_awesomeness()

So this update covers both versions 2.5.4 and, as the latter was simply a quick patch to fix my flub in v2.5.4 earlier. Several new features have been added, as well as several bugs squashed. Take a look below.

Features added in v2.5.4

  1. Added Update Notice

    This one was added for all you “naughty” users who never seem to update the plugin with the latest versions… You know who you are!

  2. Added Ning to the list

  3. Added Hacker News to the list

  4. Added DesignBump to the list

  5. Added Identica to the list

  6. Added PrintFriendly to the list

    Rather than adding a “Print This Page” option as many of you have requested, I’ve decided to add something a little more refined… PrintFriendly will better prepare most any page for printing and allows you to have full control over what does and does not get printed.

  7. Added Romanian translation

    Thanks to Ghenciu Ciprian for taking the time to translate the plugin to better accommodate the my peeps in Bucharest!

Bugs fixed in v2.5.4

  1. Fixed a few minor CSS issues within the admin page

  2. Fixed issue with some themes causing the icons to be listed vertically rather than horizontally

  3. Reorganized some of the code

Bug fixed in v2.5.4.1

  1. Fixed fatal error: “cannot redeclare plugins_api()”

    Whew! I know that version was a lot to handle, but I think you’ll make it…

Latest Feature Requests

  1. Add Xerpi to the list

    Ok, so I had honestly never even heard of this site… but apparently many of you have!

  2. Add ability to import/export your settings

    Still in the works… Haven’t finished it yet.

  3. Re-integrate the “Email This” button back into the plugin

    Many of you have been asking for the email button to be added back into the plugin with a simple mailto until the “self hosted” feature is added.

  4. Add integrated functionality and support

  5. Add to the list of available URL shortening services

  6. Ability to choose from different plugin skins/themes to better match individual WP themes

    This is one of the big ones… Many people love the fact that the plugin offers more than just a few 16x16px icons for people to click on, but they don’t like the fact that the plugin doesn’t work so well with some themes (especially dark backgrounds). So, we’re working on incorporating different “themes” to choose from which will use different sets of icons and possibly even different types of “hover” animation functionality.

  7. Only load CSS/JS on posts/pages where SexyBookmarks is being displayed

  8. Don’t generate short URL for drafts/previews

Ok, so I think that’s about it… Stay tuned my little munchkins, good things come to those who wait!

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