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SexyBookmarks v2.5.2.3 Now Ready!

Ok, so there were a few bugs that didn’t get fixed this time around… However, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Some of them have still yet to be solved, while others are simply still on the “back burner” until I actually get a few free moments to be able to add the fixes for them. Please be patient, and I assure you I will fix all of them that have been reported!

This patch fixes the following list of issues:

  1. Fixed “Subscribe to Comments” link

  2. Fixed issue with titles & URLs on index pointing to site and not individual articles

  3. Fixed persistent Twittley error message when saving settings

  4. Resolved issue with Google Bookmarks link

  5. Fixed issue with some themes forcing borders and background colors for menu items

  6. Added mobile browser check & ability to hide menu from mobile

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