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Yup, you guesed it… I’ve already fumigated the plugin once again and gotten rid of all of the bugs that have been reported with v2 so far! Now I can relax and enjoy a mojito!

If you were having problems with v2, please take a look below to see if your issue has been addressed and possibly even fixed already! For those of you who may be encountering other issues not listed below, please report them by using the Bug Report Form and I’ll start looking into them right away.

Fixed bugs in v1

  1. Blog name showing up on each post

  2. Stumbleupon and Yahoo icons not being displayed when using manual mode

  3. RSS and Email links not being displayed when using manual mode

  4. Bugs with the email link causing content to display weirdly

  5. Twitter status message not being encoded properly


I eat bugs for breakfast… (not really, that’s gross)

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