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Error: Problem exists between keyboard and chair!

Yep, that’s right… I’m the cause of most of the bugs this time around. Most of them were simply stupid omissions on my part, and others are things that I have no clue what happened.

Rest assured though, ye townsfolke of Sexyville… I’ve collected thy reports and have thus begun the annihilation of said bugs.

  1. Subscribe to comments link printed twice

    Some see two icons, others simply see the link itself is printed in duplicate.

  2. When added to Index, menu references site rather than posts

  3. Google Bookmarks link garbled

  4. Everyone getting an error message about Twittley Default Tags when saving

    Fixed in development version… Help is on the way!

  5. Conflicts with jQuery sliders and faders

    There have been several reports that the plugin causes the jQuery slider or fader of a user’s theme to quit working if any of the javascript powered options are selected. (auto-center and animate-expand) – We are looking for a solution, but have yet to actually find the real problem so far.

  6. Plugin doesn’t pull correct post titles when using shopping cart plugin

    Still looking into this one, please be patient!

  7. Some themes FORCING background colors or borders

    This is also fixed in the development version.

  8. Plugin doesn’t cooperate with installs which use custom wp-content directory location

    Thanks to Kureng for pointing this one out to me. He’s also been kind enough to show me how to fix the issue, and it will be released in an update very soon.

I know you hate bugs, so do I. So keep checking back often for updates regarding bug patches for these bugs!

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