At Shareaholic we’ve kept a close watch on Pinterest’s referral traffic growth this year, most recently sharing our report that Pinterest is on pace to surpass Yahoo! organic traffic this month.

This lead to us sharing our thoughts on Pinterest’s removal of its invite-only policy on Bloomberg West with Emily Chang yesterday. We got to be on a show we are such huge fans of. Thank you for having us!

A little behind-the-scenes information: We shot it remotely from a small studio in downtown Boston. I was actually seeing myself on screen, not Emily, so I didn’t get to see what her reactions were to what I was saying until I watched the recording. Tricky stuff. Such a cool and unique experience.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes selfie. I’m not lying: The studio is really tiny.

In the interview I talk a little bit about while I think the invite-only policy removal is a good and interesting move, I don’t know that it’s the most viral aspect of their growth. Pinterest’s onboarding process is incredibly well thought-out with the Facebook integration and seeding of interests. I think those things more than the invite-only aspects were impactful to growth.

Opportunities like this make me especially happy to work on a team that makes a product that offers us such compelling data to talk about. Only one of us got to go on TV, but make no mistake, this is a team effort!

What do you think of Pinterest’s invite-only policy removal? Let us know in the comments!

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