For those of you who use Shareaholic for WordPress may have been wondering… No we did not find the edge of the earth and proceed to jump off. Even though it may have seemed that way with how quiet it has been around here as of late. However, we’ve been here all along. Quietly wrapping up your new birthday present.

What’s that you say? You don’t have a birthday anytime soon? Not to worry, consider it an early Christmas present. Oh no, you don’t celebrate Christmas either? How about Hanukkah? Ok, well just pick your nearest “gift giving” holiday, and that’s what we were wrapping you a gift for… Capisce?

Next on the agenda…

I think it would be safe to say, that if I had a nickle for every time someone asked me how they can implement our WordPress plugin into a “static html” website… I’d be a fairly rich man. However, since I am not a fairly rich man, I guess that means I didn’t get a nickle each time someone asked me that question. Booooo! Ah, sorry… Drifting off-topic again. Anyway, the point is… We’ve been listening, and now we doesn’t have to be limited to the confines of WordPress.

However, this is just the first stepping stone on the path to World Domination Universal Platform Support. We figured there would be no better way to test out our evil er.. exciting new plans, than to take advantage of the enormous user-base we’ve already established in the WordPress world… So consider yourself enslaved er.. cordially invited to the beta testing of the greatest Shareaholic for WordPress yet.

What you need to know…

Although we’ve pushed this release out to the public as a stable upgrade, you DO NOT have to use the “BETA” version if you do not wish to. You’ll notice in the plugin options page that there is now a nifty little box which allows you to select which version you’d like to use: new or old. If you don’t like the new version, or, if it happens to eat your website for brunch (highly unlikely) then you can simply choose to use the “old” version instead.


Also, it does us no good to release a BETA version for you to download and test if you don’t give us some feedback! So, we’ve added a link in the plugin options page which will lead you directly to the feedback form so that you can let us know what you think. Please tell us if you have any problems, or if the plugin kills your website and eats it for brunch. (again, extremely unlikely)

After we gather enough data from this BETA release, we will begin working on a complete change over to use this method/version from now on. (provided nobody’s website got eaten for brunch) At which time, we will then begin to work on taking what we’ve learned from this and applying it to a real-world universal version of Shareaholic for WordPress which would be able to be used on ANY website on ANY server!

Don’t forget: Without your feedback, this BETA release is useless!

Ruh Roh…

Please submit any issues here: Shareaholic Support Pages.


Aren’t using Shareaholic for WordPress yet? Download it:

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