Share IconToday we’re pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Shareaholic for Firefox – v1.9!

You can get the latest version of Shareaholic here, or if you already have Shareaholic installed, simply wait for Firefox to automatically notify you of the update.

NEW: Shareaholic Buzz Monitor – Enabling Discovery

You’ve been asking us for quite some time to do more on the content discovery end of the equation. The release of the Shareaholic Buzz Monitor marks our first real experiment in this area. This feature is powered by our own proprietary data-set, and those from our friends at OneRiot, and Twitter.

Shareaholic users can now easily discover and stay on top of the latest trending topics as they emerge on the realtime web. In order to share, users need to discover something worth talking about, which is why we think the addition of the Shareaholic Buzz Monitor is a natural extension of the user experience. Now Shareaholic users will have immediate access to the most chatted about content on the social web – the stuff that’s worth sharing, right now!

Shareaholic Buzz Monitor

Do let us know what you think, and how we can improve. We continue to improve Shareaholic based on your valuable feedback.

Partnership with OneRiot

Today, we’re also pleased to announce a formal partnership with our friends at OneRiot. Shareaholic makes sharing fast and easy, helping drive the growth of the realtime web, while OneRiot organizes the realtime web and helps users find the most socially relevant content on the web. In short, a partnership between us made a lot of sense. I’m looking forward to what more we come up with in the future.

Other new stuff in Shareaholic for Firefox v1.9:

  • New destination services:
    • – StumbleUpon’s new url shortening service
    • Mozillaca Mozillaca – microblog service for the Mozilla community
    • – url shortener by inbound marketing company HubSpot
    • – an email based reminder service
    • TBUZZ TBUZZ – a nifty Twitter link submission tool
  • Updates to BzzAgent, Techmeme Tip submit code
  • Added support for Songbird 1.2
  • Misc. performance tweaks and updates
p.s. If you use Shareaholic, please consider posting a short review here. Thanks so much in advance, it means a lot to us!

note: if you use the NoScript for Firefox Add-on, please make sure you read this and update your white list.

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