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We all have our favorite fonts. You’ve used yours on every email signature, poster design, invitation, or blog header that you’ve ever created. When you scroll past it on your way to the “required” font, you longingly sigh. Your favorite font begins to represent you in a way. Here is what your favorite font says about you:

Comic Sans


You don’t have to be an internet guru to know that this font has been ridiculed for years. If this is your favorite font, you probably still type with your two index fingers and use Netscape as your browser of choice. All of these preferences would have been fine in 1998, but are not acceptable 14 years later.

Google Web Fonts


You know that Google Web Fonts are free, so you will never pay for a font again. You’re the person haggling at the grocery store checkout to use coupons that expired a week ago. You don’t believe you’re cheap—you’re just sensible.

Times New Roman


Ever since your second grade teacher decreed that you must have all of your papers double-spaced with Times New Roman size 12, you’ve been too afraid to deviate. You read every chapter assigned to your summer reading while you furiously scribbled notes on post-it notes just in case there was a pop quiz on the first day of school. It’s okay to use some other font now—I promise you won’t get points deducted.



You worked your butt off as a barista at Starbucks to buy a professional edition of Photoshop and you want everyone to know you are a digital artist. You love when you get together with other Helvetica-lovers so you can call fonts by their proper names—it’s oblique, not italics.



You had a Pinterest account when it was invite-only. Your friends view you as their style-guru—not only do you always look fabulous, but you keep them in check whenever you are seen together in public. If you wear yellow and purple, people don’t think it’s tacky—you’re just being Barney-chic.



You are the jerk of the internet if you love this font. You’re the one guy in town who insists on playing Soulja Boy at full volume while you drive fifteen miles over the speed limit on Main Street. You always take the pennies, but never leave them. People on the internet just assume you hate them at all times.



You are an earth-loving, eco-friendly hippie. You care for every living thing—animals, plants, or fungi—so you eat strictly vegan. You like this font because it brings a natural feel to the otherwise unnatural computer.



You’re still stuck in fourth grade when it was exciting to use this font to create a secret code. Years later, the secret is out and it should no longer be exciting. Still, you insist on using it to “mess” with your friends. While you may get a laugh out of it, they know they just have to change it back to Times New Roman to read it and embrace being a “grown-up.”

Verdana…or was it Tahoma?


Don’t lie—unless your favorite font is Helvetica, you can’t tell which font is which in the picture above. If you can’t distinguish between Verdana or Tahoma, congratulations. You are a normal human being! You pick fonts based on whether they look nice enough for your presentation…just like the rest of humanity.

Which other fonts do you think indicate a person’s personality? Comment below with your favorite.

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