Every week since the launch of Shareaholic Channels, we’ve been working hard to feature even more amazing bloggers. Whether it be adding Home & Garden and Travel Channels, doubling the number of featured publishers in the Parenting Channel or partnering with FitFluential for the Fitness Channel, we’ve been hustling to bring you even more awesome content to discover.

This week is no different. We’re welcoming almost 40 new publishers to the Channels community. Whether you’re interested in DIY projects, the latest in fashionfitness tips, delicious recipes, parenting stories, social media strategies, or travel tales, we’ve got even more fresh content for you.

To celebrate, we caught up with some of our newest Featured Publishers to chat about their favorite blogging tools–besides Shareaholic of course. :) Since these bloggers rock at creating awesome content, we knew they must have a secret tool (or two) up their sleeve that has been especially helpful to their success. Here’s what they had to say:

Jessica Severson, Don’t Mind the Mess

“My favorite blogging tool would have to be Storify, which I use to bring in my content from all over the web to combine for unique and fun posts. It’s actually how I made a blog entry out of the birth of my daughter, where I live-tweeted through my labor!”

Check out Jessica’s blog and follow her on Twitter.

Ashley it's fitting

Ashley Fitting, It’s Fitting

“I think that my favorite blogging tool would have to be the WP greet Box… it’s just a helpful reminder for people to sign up or share more!”

Follow Ashley’s blog, It’s Fitting, and be sure to say hey on Twitter.

the flying pinto

Sara Keagle, The Flying Pinto

“I would have to say my favorite blogging tools are Twitter and Facebook. I feel I am really able to connect to my readers on a more personal level through social media engagement.”

Keep up with Sara’s blog and send her a tweet on Twitter.

julie ROJ running

Julie Curtis, ROJ Running

“My favorite blogging tool in addition to Shareaholic would actually be a combination of two different plugins on WordPress.org. Akismet is phenomenal at blocking spam comments, this allows me to focus more of my attention on those with a sincere interest in my site. Along with it I use Comment Reply Notification, because some comments need attention sooner rather than later and this plugin sends it to my email, allowing real time response rates if needed. I want my readers to know I’m a regular person and interested in forming genuine connections.”

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Brian Samuels

Brian Samuels, A Thought for Food

“I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to my blog, so there are very few “tools” that I use when constructing a post. However, when it comes to sharing other people’s blog posts, I’m kind of obsessed with Shareaholic’s Pinterest extension for Chrome. I am a very visual person, so I love sharing the images that people have created on their site.”

See Brian’s blog and Twitter for more.

susanna perkins

Susanna Perkins, Future Expats Forum

My favorite blogging tool? Why, WordPress of course! Whether you have a personal blog or a corporate website, WordPress provides a fantastic platform. In fact, I’m so in love with WordPress that I started a website just to teach people about it. Also, I have to admit, I adore Pinterest. It’s the one social media site that’s always positive and it’s a pleasure for me to rest my eyes on all those lovely images after staring at words all day. You’ll find me there at http://pinterest.com/FutureExpat. It even helps me send traffic to my website!

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ticia adventures in mommydom

Ticia, Adventures in Mommydom

“I think the blogging tool I enjoy most is Windows Livewriter. It works with all blogging platforms that I know of, and it’s a nice way to create my posts. It allows me to generate templates for certain types of posts that I want to be the same every time. I can also add in tags, edit alt text on photos easily, no matter what type of blogging platform you use.  I used it for both Blogger and now on WordPress. That’s probably been the most helpful blogging tool long term for me.”

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Jill, Glamamom

“My favorite blogging tools are my SLR camera and Photoshop.  My content is largely fashion and lifestyle-focused so the visuals are everything!”

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What blogging tools can you not live without? Share your favorites in the comments!

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