Social Share Count Recovery

A few weeks ago we released a powerful new way to keep and transfer your social share counts and social proof for when you changed your domain name or moved over to SSL/HTTPS.

Today, we are releasing a brand new feature that will help you recover and maintain your social share counts through a URL structure or permalink change! You’re now 100% covered:

Social Share Count Recovery - Change Your Site URL Structure or Permalink

A few years ago, I felt the pain of not having this feature personally. For improving this blog’s SEO we decided to update the URL structure from: to

Overnight we lost tens of thousands of social share counts that we had earned. It was painful and there was nothing we could do at that time. I wish we had had Shareaholic’s Social Share Count Recovery service available then…

Please don’t lose all that hard earned social proof. It’s now super easy if you’re using Shareaholic to power social sharing on your website. As they say, you can now have your cake and eat it too.

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Not yet using Shareaholic Social Share Buttons on your site? You do not need to have had Shareaholic installed before your domain, SSL or permalink switch. Share Count Recovery will work on any site at any time and activates immediately. Upgrade now.

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