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As we all know, Twitter is a great place to find amazing people willing to share their expertise. Below are a list of some of the best WordPress experts who tweet about everything from the latest plugins and themes to WordPress tips and tricks that will help take your blog to the next level.  Who else do you love following on Twitter?  Leave a comment and let us know!

1. WordPress SEO Host

Berrie PelserThere may be a language barrier on the website of this expert but his tweets will leave you with the latest WordPress information all day, every day; and lucky for us his tweets are in English.

Follow @BerriePelser

2. Jean-Baptiste Jean

Jean BaptisteApart from having a “100% animal-friendly web development blog, Jean keeps you in the know about how to make your WordPress blog better with new tools.

Follow @catswhocode

3. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Lisa Sabin WilsonTake some every day tips and tricks from Lisa, who in case you didn’t know is the best-selling author of WordPress for Dummies. Lisa always links to some great resources on her twitter that bloggers at different levels will find useful.

Follow @LisaSabinWilson

4. WP Explorer

WPExplorerEnjoy some of the best and the latest information about WordPress with this expert’s twitter.

Follow @WPExplorer

5. WP Engine

WP EngineAs the name suggests, WP Engine’s tweets will inform you about how to speed up your site as well as various WordPress services.

Follow @wpengine

6. WordPress Consultant

WordPress ConsultantEnjoy learning about about all the magic that you can do with WordPress themes and plugins.

Follow @WPThemeInfo

7. James Coletti

James ColettiJames tweets about WordPress apps that can help businesses as well as anyone looking to monetize their site.

Follow @jamescoletti

8. Theme Lab

Theme LabAnother expert where the name is a dead giveaway. If you’re obsessed with WordPress themes, Theme Lab will be your new tweep.

Follow @themelab

9. Dougal Campbell

Doug CampbellAs a WordPress developer, Dougal will give you insight to cool projects that he’s working on that might help you develop your WordPress site.

Follow @dougal

10. WP Tavern

WP TavernWhat a great name for an expert who delivers some of the best plugins and tools on his tab. That was cheesy but it had to happen.

Follow @wptaven

11. WP Goat

WP GoatWordPress goat is perfect for anyone who is looking for information on how to make their site better in all areas. This expert bleats about pretty much everything WordPress. I couldn’t resist.

Follow @wordpressgoat

12. WordPress Planet

WordPress Planet This expert is the account for the “Ultimate WordPress New Magazine Site’ so inevitably if it’s WordPress news at the speed of thought you’re looking for, you’re set.

Follow @WordPressPlanet

13. Dustin Hartzler

Dustin HartzlerFor all you WordPress lovers who also have an affinity for Apply products, Dustin will keep you posted on both.

Follow @dhartzler10

14. VooDoo Press

VooDoo PressThis expert makes learning WordPress enjoyable through his informative yet fun tweets about what you can do with  your site.

Follow @wpVooDooPress

15. BK Macdaddy Designs

bk macdaddy designs

Here is another name that had me giggling. Jokes aside, this expert offers great tips for your site from everything from design to HTML and even social media.

Follow @bkmacdaddy

16. John Eckman

John EckmanA great expert for those who may be a little more advanced in their WordPress adventures and as a plugin developer, following John will ensure you know the latest and greatest.

Follow @jeckman

17. Nile Flores

Nile FloresFirstly, I have to shout out Nile for being an Illinois native. Secondly, if you need someone to rock out your site a little, she’s your girl.

Follow @blondishnet

18. Ryan Hellyer

Ryan HellyerRyan is a self-proclaimed “WordPress geek extraordinaire” which makes him pretty cool on this list. You will get the geekiest tweets about WordPress from Ryan but they are informative and entertaining.

Follow @ryanhellyer

19. Bono Calacal

Bono CalacalI’d like to think the only reason why Bono didn’t have his twitter name as “WordPress” ninja is because it was already taken. Seems to be the jack of all trades WordPress expert here.

Follow @ninjacrunch

20. Jeff Starr

Jeff-StarrJess co-authored the book “Digging into WordPress” and his twitter will help you do just that. As a web developer and graphic designer and a WordPress editor for a magazine, you’re in good hands.

Follow @persishable

21. David Wells

David is an enthusiastic WordPress developer and blogs about WordPress at He’s a friendly resource on all things WordPress and a great guy to get to know!

Follow David Wells

22. WPLift

WPLiftFind the latest tips and tutorials from an account that runs a blog that is all about WordPress.

Follow @wplift

23. WordPress Beginner

WordPress BeginnerAs it turns out, WordPress Beginner is the perfect Twitter account for people who are new to using WordPress. Alas, with all the latest resources this account tweets about, even veteran WordPress users will want to follow.

Follow @wpbeginner

24. Total Bounty

TotalBountyTotal Bounty is an e-commerce site for HTML templates, plugins and themes. With Total Bounty, will always know where to buy some cool applications for your site.

Follow @totalbounty

25. ManageWP

Manage WPFor all those ghost writers or people looking to make a living through WordPress, enjoy some of the best tools through this expert.

Follow @managewp

Want to follow all of these people the easy way? HUGE thanks to community member Todd Lohenry for making this great Twitter list of all these smart folks.

Who are your favorite WordPress experts to follow on Twitter? Let us know if we forgot anyone in the comments!

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