Audience Data Solutions

Enrich Profile Data, Identify Prospects & Gain Customer Insights

Great marketing requires smart data. Unlock deep signal by harnessing the power of our vast data footprint and flexible platform to inform your marketing efforts and see real results.

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How it works

1. Identify

Curate profile attributes to create highly-qualified audiences that have demonstrated interest in content that is relevant to your brand, campaign or desired interests and behaviors on your website or across the web.

2. Sync

Pixel & sync profile attributes of your identified target audience with your Demand Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP), CRM System, or home grown system to action.

3. Activate

Once synced, run campaigns to reach and engage your brand's target audience, wherever they are online (or offline) with paid media, personalized organic outreach, or lookalike segments for prospecting.

Privacy First, Secure and Flexible Platform with Unique Global Reach




Monthly Visitors


Pages of Unique Content Analyzed

Our proprietary first-party data sets are built from gathering, analyzing and transforming online browsing behaviors of consumers and digital natives on thousands of websites across billions of user initiated actions each month. This footprint provides deep consumer interest, intent, purchase, social and brand level signal across 100,000+ audience categories.

Our Data Solutions are Flexible to Meet the Needs of Your Business

  • Contextual & Behavioral Segments
  • Retail and e-Commerce Segments
  • B2B Segments
  • IAB Taxonomy Segments
  • Brand Exposure Segments
  • Social Influencer Segments
  • Custom Curated Segments
  • Global Cookie and ID Syncing
  • Deterministic Matching

Sample data applications include media buying, identity matching, personalization and analysis.

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