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QR Code Generator API

QR Codes Bridge Offline to Online

QR codes are a popular type of two-dimensional barcode that can easily be read by mobile phones. They are often used to code actionable text, such as a link (for example, to an online restaurant menu or shopping cart link), a file (for example, a Dropbox or Google Drive link), Google Maps pin, contact information, a telephone number.

How to scan a QR Code

On Android and iOS devices, simply open the camera app and point it at a QR code for a few seconds, until it comes into focus — there's no need to take a photo. The camera app will automatically detect the code and show a notification. Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR Code.

For example, try scanning:

Scan to Google Maps Pin - Eiffel Tower, Paris France

(Google Maps Pin - Eiffel Tower, Paris)

Examples from the Wild

Business cards, flyers, brochures, product packaging, food packaging, stickers (for example, link to re-order consumables), posters, stationery, banners, tickets, print adverts, billboards, catalogs, digital signage, TV commercials, coupons, giveaways, conference badges. The possibilities are endless to drive consumer action with QR Codes.

QR Code Example from the Wild QR Code Example from the Wild QR Code Example from the Wild QR Code Example from the Wild QR Code Example from the Wild QR Code Example from the Wild

API Designed for Ease

We have optimized for ease of implementation. All API methods are accessible via simple HTTP calls. Most implementations of this API take less than 15 minutes to setup. Simply call the provided URLs with their respective parameters, and you're done.

Getting Started: Authentication

All API endpoints require API authentication credentials to be supplied as query arguments (apikey). To get started, you'll need a free Shareaholic account and Site ID. Signup for an account and then add your site to get your Site ID. The Site ID is your API Key for the QR Code Generator API.



Note: the apikey used in this document is intended for use as an example only. It is subject to change.



Parameter Description Required Example
apikey API Key Required apikey=8943b7fd64cd8b1770ff5affa9a9437b
content QR content Required content=
image_format Image format Optional image_format=svg (svg|png)
size Size of Image Optional; only used for png images size=320
color Foreground color Optional color=000
fill Background color Optional fill=ffffff

QR Codes can encode many types of actionable text. Text representing contact information, when recognized, could trigger a prompt to add the contact to an address book. Other examples include URL, Email Address, Telephone Number, vCard/Contact Info, SMS/MMS/Facetime, Maps, Calendar Events, Wifi Network, iTunes/AppStore. More here.

Working Example:

Open Instagram and go to a profile:


Scan to visit

(Try scanning the QR Code above with your mobile phone! Open the camera app on your phone and point it to this QR code for a few seconds, until it comes into focus)

Error codes

Code Description
0 An internal error has occurred and been logged.
100 apikey not provided
101 apikey provided is invalid
110 content not provided
429 rate_limit_exceeded

Example error response:

          "pointer": "/data/attributes/apikey"
       "detail": "Invalid apikey. See for usage examples."

Scan Tracking

You can track the number of scans, where, and when it was scanned by pairing this API up with the Shortener API.

Rate Limits

In order to maintain an efficient, secure, and high-performing API, there are limits on how many times this API can be called in any given period. If you exceed your per-hour or per-minute call limit, you will receive a rate_limit_exceeded 429 error. To increase your limit, subscribe to a higher plan or contact your account manager for assistance. API responses include X-RateLimit-* headers that describe rate limit usage.


If you believe you have found a bug, or you’d like to request additional functionality, or you release something using this API, we’d love to hear from you.

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