With Shareaholic Channels, we’re taking a unique approach to content discovery by emphasizing quality in the content we feature. That’s why we’ve partnered with FitFluential to add more of the best fitness content on the web to the Fitness Channel! Head on over to the Fitness Channel to explore all of the new blogs.

FitFluential reaches 200 million people each month through its network of more than 1000 health and fitness content producers and overall membership of 7,500+ fitness enthusiasts. They help brands like Reebok connect with these influencers and spread their messages in powerful ways. For example: I was a huge fan of their Survive on 35 campaign with Anytime Fitness over the summer.

FitFluential is all about community and quality content, and so are we, so we knew we had to work with them to feature their publishers in the Shareaholic Fitness Channel. With Channels and everything we offer at Shareaholic, we want to do more than simply feature the best–we want to show everyone how they can be better through examples, measurement and training. So to introduce you to 10 new featured fitness publishers and teach you more about how they create great content, here are 10 blogging tips from FitFluential Ambassadors.

10 Blogging Tips from Fitfluential Ambassadors

1. Know what your readers like.

Frugal Fitness BlogMike Schiemer, Frugal Fitness

Every day I try to create a post that a lot of people can both relate to and benefit from. I think it’s very important to educate and inform your readers but you also need to be able to present it in a way that is simple, effective, and fun.

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2. Don’t feel pressured to post.

Ange Peters, Hol:Fit

While I don’t blog every day, I always ensure that what I’m posting is going to relevant to my vision and will add value or inspire those that read it. I believe in being true to who you are and the message you are looking to spread – and don’t get wrapped up in “posting just to post.”

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3. Ask questions before publishing.

Kovas Palubinskas, Midwest Multisport Life

Before I hit publish, I ask myself: Is it timely? Does it tell the story I want? What do I want my readers to get out of this post?

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4. Leave your fingerprints.

Tiffany Henness, Running Hutch

We all want to be unique to make our blog stand out and provide content that can’t be found elsewhere. Sometimes this seems difficult, especially when 10 other bloggers have already written reviews on the same event or product! It helps me to remember that my combination of interests, skills, life experiences, sense of humor and viewpoint are like no one else’s, like my fingerprints. When I can incorporate several different aspects of myself into my blog, I can create content that is covered in my fingerprints. Be unapologetically you.

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5. Sharing is caring.

Elle, Eat Run Sail

Even on days when I am not publishing posts on my own blogs, I make sure to visit other blogs and leave comments. I also like to share great posts via Twitter and my Facebook pages. I think it is important to stay current with what is going on out there, and to offer support and encouragement where I can.

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6. Be the same person online as in person.

Stephanie Hamm, Fit Mom…in Training

The blogging advice I follow every day is to be myself. I do my best to never give the appearance of being someone or doing something that’s not true to myself. Writing a blog is meaningless if it’s not authentic. Years from now, I want to re-read my work and know that I was (and still am) in print, who I am in person.

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7. Don’t blog for the “heck” of blogging.

Kacie Phillips, Savvy Sassy Me

Each and every day, I have developed the habit of only blogging when I actually have something to say; blogging “for the heck of blogging” is merely a waste of my time and a sure-fire way to lose readership. Keep it unique, keep it quirky, and keep it interesting! ;-)

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8. Aim for quality over quantity.

Monica Nelson, Moni Meals

My advice would be to post more “quality material” rather than quantity. Stay true, authentic, and organic to yourself and your message. Give credit and props to other Awesome bloggers and the most important is to have fun! If you only are doing it for fortune and fame, it may disappoint you.” :)

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9. Don’t worry, just write.

Casey Wetjen, cswFitYoga

Don’t feel like you have to write the best, most profound blog post every day. I used to fret that I wasn’t writing well enough and then I  found out people enjoy seeing the everyday and just went with it!

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10. Be yourself.

Melissa Kirkham, Melissa Running It

There are so many great blogs to follow and learn from that it is often easy to get caught up in the comparison game, whether it’s style, content, or fitness progress. Every time I sit down in front of my laptop, I remind myself that I am among friends and simply sharing my journey with my own voice. There will always be someone faster, fitter, funnier, or further along…ok, maybe not funnier. Hopefully along the way I am inspiring, motivating, and showing my readers that the fun is just getting started at forty.

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