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I can’t even count how many times you guys have asked me for a feature where you can edit/change the plugin without LOSING those changes each time you update… Well, your time has come. Edit away! Go ahead! Write your own CSS and JS. Make your own nifty images. Heck, you can do pretty much whatever you want with it now and not worry about losing any of it the next time you upgrade!

As with any new feature, I’m sure there will be those of you who have trouble with this one… but never fear, I will do my best to figure out problems as they arise. So, that being said… Here’s a list of everything that’s happened in the latest version:

Features added in v2.6.0

  1. SexyBookmarks now retains custom mods even when upgrading

  2. Added SexyURL to the list of available URL shorteners

  3. Plugin admin page now uses a sprite for all icons

  4. Optimized plugin by reducing overall file sizes (nearly 50%)

  5. Optimized admin page jQuery by reducing redundant functions

  6. Chinese translation added

  7. Spanish translation added

  8. Added TheWebBlend

  9. Added Wykop

  10. Added BlogEngage

  11. Added Hyves

  12. Added Pusha

  13. Added Hatena Bookmarks

  14. Added MyLinkVault

  15. Added SlashDot

  16. Added Squidoo

  17. Added Propeller

  18. Added FAQpal

  19. Added Evernote

  20. Added Meneame

  21. Added Bitacoras

  22. Added JumpTags

  23. Added Bebo

  24. Added N4G

  25. Updated readme with new info

  26. Updated default translation files

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