This blog post was originally posted on the SexyBookmarks’ blog. Shareaholic has since taken over the responsibility for the continued development and improvement of SexyBookmark publisher plugins!


It seems as though there are some underlying problems which were completely overlooked in the latest release of SexyBookmarks. Problems which were causing fatal failures in many blogs, and annoying issues in others. So to help reduce the magnitude of these problems, I have officially reverted the plugin back to v2.5.5.1 for now until I can find and eliminate them.

If you already upgraded to v2.6.0 and you’re noticing any of the following problems (or other problems not mentioned here) please accept my humblest apologies and know that I am working furiously to fix the issues as quickly as possible. You can download the earlier version of the plugin until I get things worked out if you’d like.

Unresolved Issues in v2.6.0

  1. Short URLs not working

  2. Admin page not being displayed (blank)

  3. Footers & Sidebars Disappearing

For those of you who already updated to v2.6.0, Norman is planning to release another update soon which will rollback your plugin to v2.5.5.1 status, which *should* fix the problems you were having with v2.6.0 until we can find the major issues that are causing this disaster and get them fixed.

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