Through our collaboration with the 350,000+ site owners using the Shareaholic platform, we’ve discovered that for the majority of you, sharing and driving engagement for your content is only half of the equation.

The real challenge: How can you earn money while doing what you love?

When it comes to advertising technology, many site owners don’t know where to start. Publishers interested in generating revenue from their sites are forced to take whatever deal large ad networks give them, or face a complex path of integrating an ad server, selling inventory, handling campaign management, advertising operations, and more. It’s inefficient, it’s complicated and we can do better.

Our (1-Click) Simple Solution

At Shareaholic, we believe that “the lesser of two evils” isn’t a solution — it’s a problem, and we want to solve it. We want to help you earn money doing what you love, so you can focus on your passion, not how to fund it. Yet we know that making money from content can be complicated! That’s why we’re working on a brand new product that makes generating revenue simple and rewarding.

The “Suite” Spot

Soon, we will roll out a suite of products that will help you transition from simply driving and engaging visitors, to also generating revenue on your site. Using our simple and effective tools, you can start making money with the click of a button. What’s more: you can do this using the Shareaholic plugin (or module) you already have installed.

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