Photo Credit: e_walk via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: e_walk via Compfight cc

Bloggers block is a real dilemma, one that can be detrimental with all of the blog and guest blog posts that we need to write to keep our blog active and exposed to new traffic.

I can’t quantify how many “uh oh” moments I’ve had when I notice that my blog hasn’t had a new post in a week or my Google calendar tells me that I promised someone a guest post today, but I haven’t written a word and the words just won’t come…

And then there is the fact that millions of blog posts go up a day and mine needs to stand out. My post needs to say something in a way that’s never been done before. No pressure, right?

I have a sticky note on my computer that says, “If you don’t have anything epic to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is great advice but let’s face it, the well of creative juices runs dry sometimes. Pulling from my conversations with fellow bloggers, one of the biggest frustrations with blogging is that sometimes we become overwhelmed with the feeling that everything has been said and there isn’t anything new left for us to say.

Of course, feeling like there’s nothing left to say isn’t the only reason why we have bloggers block. I’ve lost plenty of moments staring at my taunting cursor because of lack of sleep, the loss of the ability to concentrate or midafternoon restlessness. Because simply not blogging isn’t an option, I came up with these ways to fight bloggers block, threw together this little infographic, and hung it on my wall. It has honestly helped me through some pretty tough spells of bloggers block, so I wanted to share it with you!

Here are the top 11 ways to fight writer’s block:

1. Read a post on a topic irrelevant to the one you’re writing about

Simply deviating your mind from the problem can reset your ideas. Allow yourself to be consumed by an intriguing piece of content and completely forget about your predicament. For me, I usually read a travel blog, picture myself on an adventure, and come back to reality feeling refreshed.

2. Do 10 jumping jacks and one back bend

In the event your creative juices are drying up because of a lack of blood flow, get that blood flowing. Since I can’t usually leave and go do a yoga class, when in the office, I sneak away to the bathroom and do jumping jacks and back bends. I was told one good back bend gives you as much energy as a cup of coffee….

3. Ask someone irrelevant to your blog for an idea

Looking elsewhere for ideas has always been a surprising solution for bloggers block. If you blog for a company, use your sales or customer service colleagues for input since they are the ones talking to a big part of your audience. If you blog on your own, ask your friends, family or mailman for an idea—the fact that they are removed from your writing makes them come to the situation with brand new ideas.

4. Find a new environment

Sometimes stale or distracting surroundings can be a culprit for causing bloggers block. As much as I want to work from home, I find that I can’t. Dogs, roommates and dishes in the sink can be quite distracting. Moving to a cozy coffee shop has always made me the most productive.

5. Read a post from a blog who is an authority on your topic

Another blogger might have a cool twist on a topic. I don’t mean plagarism, just allow yourself to be inspired. If you don’t know where to start, browse your favorite topic in Shareaholic Channels to discover awesome blogs in your interest area.

6. Use your social media followers, they’ll feel honored

Every few months I like to tweet and post this question: “What topics would you like me to cover for you?” Your followers will be honored to be involved in your creation process and love to feel heard.

7. Reach out to bloggers and ask if they want to do some collaborative posting

Try collaborative posting with your blogging buddies by exchanging guest posts or writing a post together. Either way, the two of you are exposing new audiences to your words.

If you reach out to bloggers often, whether it be for marketing reasons or for collaboration within your own blogosphere, I recommend testing out my company’s blogger outreach tool, GroupHigh.

8. Go outside and take a break in nature

When my brain starts to feel “mushy,” I get up from my computer and take a “sunshine break.” Soaking in some nature always leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

9. Pick an alternative story form

Check out this SlideShare presentation on alternative story forms, basically taking text-heavy posts and turning them into a visually driven story. The goal is to give your readers a visually appealing way to take in information, something they may not always get on your blog. Sometimes when you pick an image driven way to share your idea, the content flows easier.

10. Create a resource post

Put together a list of your favorite articles that shed light on different aspects of your blog’s niche. Don’t forget to hyperlink!

11. Drink a latte and eat a brownie

Chocolate and caffeine are known to stimulate the mind and even release a few endorphins. These two ingredients have really gotten the wheels turning in the creative part of my mind before.

Remember, you’ve worked hard to get your reader’s attention—so don’t lose them by never posting. Because it’s crucial to hang on to your audience, I recommend eliciting the help of a guest post author. As long as they are writing content that fits in with our audience, your readers will be pleased to get another point of view.

Check out the infographic below to see these steps in action.

Do you have any unique tactics that you use to fight bloggers block?

Bloggers Block

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