Adding More Sharing Services to Your Blog

Use the Share API to make adding any sharing service that is not supported by (or Jetpack) really easy!

What You Need to Know

If you would like to add a sharing service to your blog that is not available in the standard set that provides, you can add it using the “Add a new service” link in the “Available Services” section.

The three things you need to define a sharing service are:

  • Service name – used for the text label. It will appear in the link to the service in the share bar and in the blog sharing stats. ex. Google Buzz
  • Sharing URL – is the URL address to the sharing service submission page. No need to go hunting for the correct URL. All you have to do here is use the Shareaholic URL below, and replace the “service=” value with the one for the service you’d like to add. A complete list of 250+ available service codes are listed here.For example:

    If you’d like to get fancy by specifying your own url shortener keys, etc – you can. Read up on documentation of lots more advanced settings for the Share API.

  • Icon URL – URL of a 16×16 icon that can be used for the service. ex. easy/fast way to get the service icon for the service you’d like to add is to use the following favicon API:
    (just replace with the domain of your choice)

Save the service and the new service will appear in the Available Services section. And you’re done! Fast, easy, safe.

Useful Resources:

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