Earlier this week we shared our trends for top sharing platforms with our friends from Marketing Charts. This data shows the top 10 most popular sharing platforms for the month of February.

These findings are based on aggregate data from more than 200,000 publishers who reach more than 270 million unique monthly readers, as well as shares from our browser extensions, which have had more than 2 million downloads. Our findings reveal that Facebook has the largest percentage of shares by a landslide – nearly 35% of sharing happened via the “Like” button and posting to Facebook. More interesting datapoints:

  • Sharing to Twitter also owned a large percentage of the shares at 16%.
  • Social bookmarking sites, although less hyped than other social networks like Pinterest, continue to be a top platform for shares. Reddit, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon all made the top 10.
  • Although our data shows that Pinterest surpasses Twitter for referral traffic, it still owns a smaller percentage of shares. This indicates that people use Pinterest more for discovery and it’s a smaller percentage of the Pinterest users who are driving the original pins (shares) that get re-pinned and clicked on to later drive referral traffic. This actually isn’t too surprising for a social media platform. Think about how people upload video to YouTube versus how many people watch YouTube videos. So dare we suggest there are Pinterest influencers? The 1%?

You can discover your own sharing trends by checking out your Shareaholic website profile. See where your audience likes to share your content the most under Engagement/Sharing Activity. Make the most of your audience’s behavior and engage on the most popular social networks for your content.

What sharing trends have you seen with your content this month? Let us know in the comments.

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