Was playing on MTV today. Are you on twitter yet? :)

Full lyrics after the break.

Hit Me On Twitter

Hit me on twitter x4
I’ll follow u
U’ll follow me
U can get get like one of tha homies
Hit me on twitter x2

Verse 1
Hey mama whats good whats goin on
Send an update straight from my phone
Over 18 so grown
Tell them stalkers better leave u alone
Follow me give me all ur info
And we can kick it and get closer like some kim folks
Whats ur government, see ur screenname
Is this really you keep on playing tin games
I kno u like hw i kno that its mista fab
Hit my number baby grl i bet u wont be mad
Better yet guaranteed u to disappointed
Come and join in i be goin goin goin
We can kick it like one of the homies
Cuz im tryna have shawty all on me (hit me on twitter)
We be close like my
Baby girl hit me on twitter


Verse 2
First it was blackplanet
Then myspace
Then facebook
To go to myplace
Now im stuck on twitter
If i c ur girl then i’m a go get her
Cuz im a go getter
Gotta be one if u wanna roll with usd
Watchin for tha groupie gold digga
And i wanna send a shoutout to all my
Anywhere i go, i be tweeting and twitting
Im addicted baby aint no way that i be quittin
Im locked in like iamdiddy
Oh its crazy baby i am diggin
See we can make it like one of tha homies
Cuz I’m tryna have shawty all on me
U be close like my
Baby girl hot me on twitter


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