I came across a really interesting post in my LinkedIn feed this morning about how LinkedIn’s feed algorithm works. It is worth the quick read:

After you post on LinkedIn your content goes through four stages:

#1: The algorithm sorts through your text, image, and video updates, then chucks them onto one of three piles: SPAM, LOW QUALITY, or CLEAR.

#2: If the LinkedIn bot clears your post, it’s going to send it to a small, random segment of your audience to predict how well it will score.

#3: Likes, comments, and shares from your focus group will determine your post’s popularity. A like gets you one point, a comment gets you two points, and a share gets you three points. The lower your total score, the less eyeballs you get, and vice versa.

#4: As your post gets more people talking, it’s sent for review at LinkedIn HQ. If it does really well, the LinkedIn editors will surface your post in third-degree feeds, at which point you’ll be officially “trending”.

For further reading, I recommend checking out this post from LinkedIn’s engineering blog: Strategies for Keeping the LinkedIn Feed Relevant

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