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winner So I think next time I do something like this, I’m going to make sure to give you all very specific instructions… Like, not to email me random “guesses” at where you think the easter egg might be! haha – At any rate, it was fun anyway. There were more of you who found it than I thought there would be!

But alas, there can only be ONE winner…

So everybody give a big congratulations to Stacy Liles from the “Beaver State” (Oregon). Oddly enough, Stacy declined to share her site URL with us since it’s still under construction. Hmm, why is everyone so shy about sites that aren’t completed yet? haha Anyway, congratulations Stacy… Enjoy your $100 and don’t spend it all in one place! (or do, it’s totally up to you) You earned it for straining your poor eyes and noticing a tiny little box that not many other people saw! So in keeping with tradition here, I feel the uncontrollable urge to blurt out some sort of random cliche, and luckily enough I know one that would fit just perfectly!

Luck be a lady!

Also, I feel as though it would be downright mean not to at least mention the other 6 of you who managed to find that tiny little thing… So here’s your 15 seconds of fame as well!

The runners up…

  1. Debiprasad Sahoo2nd to find it
  2. Michael Stuvall3rd to find it
  3. Alexis Kincaid4th to find it
  4. Craig Gibbons5th to find it
  5. Martin Stocks6th to find it
  6. Monica Nevarez7th to find it

As for the rest of you…

I know you’re probably still scratching your heads and trying to figure out where exactly it was… So I’ll throw you a bone. It was in the footer. However, not just on every page. It was only visible on all pages/posts OTHER than the post that told you about the easter egg hunt. Moreover, it wasn’t visible on the main page of the site either… Just to add a bit more difficulty to the task! haha I figure some of you won’t believe me, and you’ll say that you clicked every inch of the site and never found it… So below you’ll find a screenshot of a page that had the Easter Egg in the footer with the browser zoomed in to maximum zoom… You’ll notice a faint box around the smallest heart in the logo. Yup, that was it.

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