Our featured website for the day is Universe Today. One of the most mystifying and talked-about things in the world is our Universe itself. Several children harbour dreams of becoming an astronaut when they grow up. And this website is one resource that can help you know more about the universe you dwell in.

Universe Today covers almost everything that is located in our universe – from the asteroids to the galaxies, the nebulae to the various space exploration missions undertaken and invites the curiosity of its audience. One of the best things about the website is a forum that is hosted on it. If you have something to talk about or something to share with others, there’s no other place but here. The website also hosts something called the Carnival of Space, where they host popular space-related blogs every week. And they’ve done it successfully for over 218 weeks!

We believe there is a lot to know about our universe still to unfold the mysteries behind it. We would like to congratulate Fraser, the publisher of Universe Today and hope to see an article featuring human inhabitation of Mars someday in the future.

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