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This tip may seem like an unnecessary piece of housekeeping. “Branding my Tweets? Who has time for that?” But the results can be extremely helpful to growing your site, and it’s really easy to do.

When your Twitter handle is highlighted in each of your Twitter shares, you will drive attention to your Twitter account and increase your following. Including your Twitter handle in your site’s social shares can help you gain new followers and brand recognition whenever a post is shared — a passive and easy way to build your site’s audience.

If you’re using Share Buttons in the Shareaholic WordPress or Drupal plugin, simply go into your settings and scroll down to Share Buttons General Settings. There, you can edit your Twitter shares to point to your Twitter handle and include any message that you want. For example, you can make all Twitter shares say “by @Twitterhandle” vs. “via @Twitterhandle” depending on your preference. If you’re not using these plugins, follow these instructions.

Shareaholic Share Buttons General Settings

So don’t hesitate – make sure to brand your social shares and grow your Twitter following with this simple step. You could be missing out on engaging with some amazing new followers!

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