Shareaholic is two years young. For much of this time we have kept mostly under the radar and heads down building. Here is our product report card thus far:

For the first year it was just me and contractors cranking out product, marketing, and distribution. We were intentionally super scrappy. Then all our incredible hard work started to pay big dividends towards the end of last year. We started to hit our stride. Our operating metrics started accelerating and beating all forecasts. Day after day we started setting new records (and continue to do so)!

To keep up with all this, in January, I opened an office in India and recruited some of the best. By the summer it was clear that the trajectory that Shareaholic found itself on dictated that we also start building the very best team in Boston. The timing was perfect.

Today, I am pleased to formally announce that our small team at Shareaholic is growing quickly and I could not be more excited to welcome William Sulinski and Robby Grossman to Team Shareaholic!

There is no greater feeling than having others believe in something you created and want to make it their own. I am honored and extraordinarily proud to stand alongside the incredibly smart and talented team of peers that now make up Shareaholic.

I love this Steve quote:

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Lots more to come! And yes, if you are looking to join a fast growing company, you should ping any one of us!

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