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I know that the vast majority of people who come to this site leave within a few seconds because they just can’t figure out what the hell the site is all about… So, me and my partner Jamie have been working on a solution. We’ve come up with something that I think will solve the problem and possibly even retain visitors for at least a minute or two! haha

What the hell took so long!?!?

I know it’s been an improvement that’s needed to happen for quite some time now, but well, me and Jamie are very much alike in one area: We’re both perfectionists when it comes to our own niche! Jamie is all about perfect spacing, margins, padding, whitespace, lineheights, etc… While I’m a stickler about well organized and readable code (among other things). This is precisely why this endeavor has taken us so long to accomplish.

Just a heads up…

You guys may notice things changing a little here and there, and you may possibly even notice that pages and/or posts disappear all together in the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry, they’ll be back if they do. I’ll be working hard behind the scenes getting everything ready for the big switch, and during this process some things could be removed or misplaced temporarily so don’t get too worried.

So what EXACTLY are you doing?

Well, the biggest issue that everyone seems to have is the fact that when they go to the index page of the site, there’s really nothing on the page that stands out and grabs your attention to say “Hey! Look at me! THIS is what the site’s all about!”… So, we’re converting the entire site to a more “CMS” style look, where the front page will be static content that gives a brief overview of what the plugin is and what it does along with some other nifty stuff.

The NEXT biggest issue everyone seems to have with the site is the fact that it’s just not quite snazzy enough. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Kailoon did an excellent job on this theme I’ve been using and customizing for the past who knows how long, BUT, most people seem to think that the site needs a bit more of a “unique” flair to it. So, that’s what we’ve done!

The design itself is completely finished as of 2 days ago. I’m currently about 95% done coding the homepage layout, then I’ll move onto coding the blog style layout, before launching everything within the next week or two. The good thing about it is that the header, most of the sidebar, and the footer will all be the same sitewide… That means that coding the blog style layout will take WAAAAY less time than coding the front page since those things will already be taken care of!

Shut up and show me the results!

Yea yea, I know… I talk too much. So enough yammering on and on, here’s some previews of the new design that you’ll see gracing the pages of SexyBookmarks soon!

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