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With over one million downloads, Shareaholic is the simplest way to share, spread, and save interesting webpages via your social networks, email, blogs, IM, and more. Shareaholic is compatible with all major web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

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What Our Users Are Saying:

Veronica Belmont
 As a certified social networking and link-sharing addict, Shareaholic has become my favorite new enabler! 
- Veronica Belmont
Host of Tekzilla on Revision3
Leslie Poston
 One of my favorite daily-use tools for a while now :) It rocks. 
- Leslie Poston
Co-Author of "Twitter For Dummies"
Tim Weber
 The Shareaholic extension - works a treat, very nice design. 
- Tim Weber
Business Editor, BBC News - interactive + radio
MG Siegler
 [Shareaholic] is fast; does not slow down Chrome at all. 
- MG Siegler
Michael Troiano
 You need Shareaholic. 
- Michael Troiano
Founding CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Interactive